“Wonderful messages for children, LOTS of stories”

“These books, written by Noble for his son, contain great segues into life lessons and character education discussions”

“Fergus is a lovely character and even when his sailor has given up on a problem he finds a way to save the day. All the stories are illustrated in a fun and bright but simple way and I thought they were perfect.

“Fergus Ferry has many magical tales and games for you to participate in with this wonderfully interactive app


“Great story about helping others and beautiful illustrations, Dr Seuss style rhyming.”

“My daughter loves this book. We read it several times a week.”

“My 3 and 5 year old boys love reading this one. It’s one of their favs!”

“I highly recommend this series with the beautiful pictures and rhyming verse!”

“Cute, colorful. Love to read it. Like the almost sing song way it is written.”

“Our son absolutely loves this book. We adore Fergus!”

“My 6 year old loved this tale. It’s a quick reading & rhyming adventure that your youngster is sure to enjoy.”

“The rhythm and rhyming is smooth and makes it easier to read to the little ones that like to hear it over and over again.”

“This book has fantastic illustrations. Very cute book.”

“I’m sure we will be reading this one over and over again.”

fergus picture

“My daughter’s loved this book. It is very cute and well written.”

“Kids enjoy it again and again. This has a good message about courage and helping others.”

“Move over Thomas and His Friends and welcome Fergus Ferry. I highly recommend the Fergus series not only for the home but for classroom teaching.”

“My daycare kids loved this book!!!! Lol we will recommend to our parents in our parent letter for the week.”

“Fergus the Ferry is one of the best picture books I’ve ever read.”

“My son enjoyed this story, we cheered on Fergus as we read and talked about what it means to be brave.”

“I downloaded this for my 4 year old and as soon as we were done he asked me to read it again.”

“My kids loved it. All 3 of them. They are 5, 3, and 1. Great for all ages. Love love love Fergus the Ferry.”

“Awesome book J W Noble.”

“You should get it.”